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Atomic Point is an arcade puzzle game developed by Philko and released in 1990.


Being a clone of Sega's Flash Point, Atomic Point is a Tetris clone with an option of "Flash Tetris", with the objective to eliminate one or more certain flashing blocks in the screen. However, it could be switched by "Normal Tetris" by setting one of various Dip Switches of the machine (requires reset).

On a technical level, Atomic Point runs on an inferior (but similar) hardware than the Sega System 16B hardware that Flash Point uses as it has no Z80 and uses the inferior YM2413 sound chip instead of the YM2151, as well as lacking encryption systems or suicide batteries that was in the original System 16B hardware.


  • The music from the game were also taken from other games. One such example is the Pinch theme, which was taken from Genpei Toumaden by Namco.