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Ayrton Senna F1 Racing, also known as Ayrton Senna Formula 1 on the title screen, Ayrton Senna Racing and Ayrton Senna Grand Prix Racing, is a ROM hack of the SNES version of Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing, a Formula One video game, released somewhere after Ayrton Senna's death.

Gameplay and Changes[]

The entirety of the game is identical to the original game, featuring 16 tracks from the 1992 Formula One World Championship season except that all text has been translated to Brazilian Portuguese and all Nigel Mansell-related graphics have been replaced with Ayrton Senna's; the advice mode is also rebranded as well. The introduction/opening credits are also replaced with Ayrton Senna's career summary from lower-level motorsports up to his 1993 season with McLaren. Many of the graphics have cigarette ads retained, in contrast to official Formula One video games were such are censored owing to international tobacco advertising regulations.


There are 12 drivers on the grid, and the player always drives as Ayrton Senna, just like the player always drives as Nigel Mansell in the original game. Only the last names are shown, and Barichello's name is missing an "o" due to character space constraints.

Driver Team
Ayrton Senna McLaren 1
Alain Prost McLaren 2
Jean Alesi Ferrari 1
Gerhard Berger Ferrari 2
Damon Hill Williams 1
Nigel Mansell Williams 2
Jacques Villeneuve Williams 3
Michael Schumacher Benetton 1
Johnny Herbert Benetton 2
Rubens Barrichello Jordan
Christian Fittipaldi Arrows
Nelson Piquet BMW (Brabham)


  • Gerhard Berger has an Australian flag on the race results screen instead of Austrian one, possibly a confusion between names of the two countries.
  • For teams with multiple drivers, each reflected the following seasons' roster:
    • McLaren: 1988-1989
    • Ferrari: 1993-1995
    • Williams: 1994 (French Grand Prix and last three races of the season, Jacques Villeneuve notwithstanding)
    • Benetton: 1995
  • Due to these driver roster choices, along with inclusion of Jacques Villeneuve (who debuted in F1 in 1996), it is possible that the game was released around that time period.
  • DVS Electronic Co.'s logo can be found on a later cartridge for the game, however it's unknown if they had any involvement with the game's publishing or were instead reprinting the game with their own logo to make it seem like they made it.




Intro - Ayrton Senna Racing (Nigel Mansell's Racing Hack) - Super Nintendo - 1994 (?)

The game's intro, featuring a summary of Ayrton Senna's racing career up to 1993 season.


Ayrton Senna Racing (Nigel Mansell's Racing Hack) - SNES-SFC - Circuito - Brazil - Full Race

A race around the Interlagos (Brazil) track.