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BBD (广东步步达电子有限公司) was a developer and publisher of Mega Drive and Game Boy games, also credited with the development of a number of early Sintax games. Some of their Game Boy Color games were released in English with a cartridge that resembles a Game Boy Advance cartridge and has a seal that says "Oneself Play" on it. Multiple SKOB games have similarities to Sintax games developed by BBD suggesting that they may have been involved with producing those games.

List of Confirmed Games[]

Released in Packaging Labeled BBD[]


Contain BBD Copyright[]

  • Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space
  • Ha Li Xiao Zi Di Er Bu - Mi Shi De Mi
  • Shao Lin Shi San Gun - Ying Xiong Jiu Zhu
  • Zhi Huan Wang - Shou Bu Qu
  • Xiao Tai Ji - Shen Hua Li Xian
  • Zhen San Guo Wu Shuang 2 - Shin Sangokumusou 2
  • Shi San Zhang Ma Jiang 98: Mei Shao Nv

List of Unconfirmed Games[]

  • All King of Fighters R2 hacks appear very similar. BBD was known more of for developing games rather than publishing them, so they were most likely the company that developed these titles.



  • Garou Mark of the Wolves 2001 was released in both Sintax packaging and BBD packaging