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The BBD platformer engine refers to a game engine used in several platforming games on the Game Boy Color that are confirmed to be or otherwise have signs of being developed by BBD and/or Sintax. A telltale sign of a game using this particular engine is that pressing the left or right direction buttons and the jump button at the same time will sometimes result in the jump being cancelled.

Games using this engine[]


  • Digimon Adventure 2001
    • Digimon Adventure 6 2002
  • Metal Slug 2001 - Re-released by Sintax
    • Startled 911 - A variant of Metal Slug 2001 with a unique story-based intro and new title screen themed around the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. Uses the same copy protection as BBD's other self-published releases
  • Harry Potter 2 - Also known as Harry Potter 2: The black art wtrstle edition. Not to be confused with the Vast Fame game also released as Harry Potter 2, Harry Potter 3

Published by SKOB[]

The following games were originally published by SKOB that are confirmed to show traits of using the BBD platformer engine.


  • Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space - BBD is credited on the title screen
    • The use of the BBD platformer engine also applies to the various hacks of this game (i.e., 2003 Digitmon Sapphire, Harry Boy and the Chamber of Secrets, etc.)
  • Little Taichi: The adventure of myth (小太极-神话历险) - A game based on the Little Taichi Chinese cartoon licensed by the production company. Also known as Yinyang Drachen in its German release. BBD is credited on the title screen
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Zook Hero 3 - Also known as Zook Hero Legend 3 and Super Rockman (SUPER洛克人)
    • New Crazy Arcade (新瘋狂阿給 泡泡堂) - Basic hack of Zook Hero Legend 3 that replaces graphics
    • Metal Slug X - An extensive hack that replaces the Zook player character sprite with Trevor Spacey from Metal Slug 4, uses entirely different graphics for levels, hazards, and enemies, and removes all menus for selecting a boss and saving/loading game progress, opting to simply have 9 linear levels instead. It also removes health and energy capsules and replaces the ability to gain weapons from bosses with item drops that allow you to use weapons temporarily. Consequently, this also led to the removal of the subscreen from the original game that allowed you to manage items and select a weapon to use, replacing it with a simple pause function
  • Shengui Diguo Zhi Emo Cheng (神鬼帝國の惡魔城) - A Metroidvania-style Castlevania game with RPG elements
  • Xin Shiqi Shidai (新石器时代) - Hack of Digimon Adventure 2001
  • Lao Fuzi Chuanqi (老夫子傳奇) - Hack of Digimon Adventure 2001
  • Pokémon Platinum