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Front of the box.

The BL-826A is a Famiclone handheld released by Wellminds as part of the BL brand. It has 168 built in games, as well as SD card support. There are at least two different model of the handheld. One includes 168 games, whilst the other includes 170. The 170 Built-in Game model doesn't have the language options/letter skip at the bottom of the Built-in Games menu.

Note: SD card games need to be less than 512kb or the game would not load or crash the console.

The BL-826A also has unique menu music. The music that plays in the main menu is from stage 2 of Mighty Final Fight, while the menu featuring the built-in games features a different, original tune. Unfortunately, this tune has not been properly recorded.

If you attempt to boot up into the "SD Card games" section without an SD card inserted, it will display a message asking you to put a SD card in, and also instructs you on how to format it. Interestingly, it also displays a website address. This address is also visible on the box of the system. This website no longer exists but it has been archived by the Wayback Machine. The website address is The website is almost completely in Chinese and seems to have been a ROM Site full of pirated games, and on some occasions, ROM hacks. Unfortunately, none of these downloads nowadays don't work. The earliest website archive is from March 3rd, 2015, and the latest archive is from 2020.