Origin Russia
Years 2010s
Consoles Genesis/Mega Drive
Engines used White Text developers' original engine

This unnamed development team has recently been producing Genesis/Mega Drive games for the Russian market. They have no known name, as they typically go uncredited in their games, but there are enough similarities between their games to be identifiable as a single developer. For the purposes of this page, they will be called the White Text developers due to one of these shared elements.

Common elements in their games

  • Unlike several Russian Genesis bootlegs, which are sprite hacks of existing games, these are all either originally-produced or ports of NES games, using their own engine.
  • Games are typically side-scrolling or flip-screen platformers, with few exceptions.
  • Title screens have white text in the same font with options (hence the "White Text" name), in contrast to the still images used by other Russian developers.
  • Introduction and ending cutscenes consisting of one or more still images with white text.
  • Their original platformer engine can be identified easily by its awkward jump physics.
  • They tend to reuse music and sounds between games (in particular most of them share the same jump sound), as well as plagiarising music from other games.
  • Violent/gory Continue and Game Over screens. In reality, few of their games have this, but the ones that do have become well-known to the point that they are perhaps the best-known element of the White Text games.
    • Continue screen is typically accompanied by a sped-up version of the title screen music from Uwol: Quest for Money.


Games not garunteed to be made by WT


  • The music on the Continue screens has commonly become associated with the word "HET" (a misreading of the Russian word нет, meaning no, as in the answer input on the Continue screen). This is due to the game showing shock images when "no" is selected. This was popularised by Vinesauce Joel during one of his streams of Russian bootlegs, where he streamed Felix the Cat. The YouTube channel SiIvaGunner also popularised it thanks to a certain infamous video.
  • Many of these games were published by KUDOs.
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