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Bee 52 is an unlicensed NES game published by Camerica and developed by Codemasters. It was originally released in the year 1992.


In Bee 52, you play as Bee Number 52, one of many in the Hive, giving the task to visit the flowers, pollinate them, and collect the Nectar. After collecting some, you need to return it to the Hive to turn it into Honey. When the Honey Jar is full, the level is complete. Like many other side-scrolling shooter games, you have to fight off enemies trying to stop you from completing your mission, which you can do either by shooting them, (Much like other side-scrolling shooters) or stinging them. The Enemies include Ants, Spiders, Wasps, Grasshoppers, and Frogs.

Power-ups can be found by killing the Lighting bugs or visiting secret hole. You can get either the Sting Enhancer, giving a much longer reach, Power Shot, increasing your shot power, Bombs, which allow you kill every enemy on the screen at once, or Junior, a small bee that'll match your shot power, and take 1 hit for you.

The game has 12 levels, cut up into 'theme' sections from the starting Gardens (1-4) to a pond/marshland (5-8), and then inside a house (9-12).

Mostly, the game plays like many Space scroller games, but with a bee theme.