Ben 10
Ben 10's title screen.
Publisher Kudos
Developer BMB
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 2012
Engine BMB's SDK

Ben 10 is an unlicensed Russian Sega Mega Drive port of a beat-em-up for Java phones Ben 10: The Power Of Omnitrix, based on the TV series of the same name. No developer credits exist in the game, but several elements point it to having been made by BMB.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Gameplay from the first level.

Ben 10 starts on a basic title screen identical to most BMB games, where you have the options of beginning the game or setting up your preferred options. You use the A or C button to attack and the B button to jump, in a similar situation with Mario 4: Space Odyssey you have no control of your movement while you are in the air. The enemies have very basic AI, and there can only be two of them at a time. The music is ripped from TFM music maker (which is randomly selected every time you play a level), along with the sound driver and sound effects of Uwol: Quest for Money, supporting the theory that this game was developed by BMB. The continue screen is quite gruesome but the game over screen is just grim, unlike the rather infamous one from Felix the Cat. Overall this game is very similar to TMNT - The Legend Returns, with the same controls, playlist, and engine.

Assets[edit | edit source]

Graphics[edit | edit source]

  • Zombie Last Night start and title screen image (Used in the Game Over screen)

Music[edit | edit source]

  • Alone Coder - Trampam (Used in the intro)
  • Kulor - See You Next Year (Used in the ending screen)
  • Uwol - Ending (Used in the title screen)
  • Uwol - Game Over (Used in the Game Over screen)
  • Uwol - Menu (Used in the continue screen)
  • Level Music (Randomized) :
    • Groovemaster303 - Lost Forest 
    • Linde - Forget Him 
    • Karbofos - Naroketi Na Polus 
    • Jobro - Crystalin 
    • Jobro - Dark Affairs 
    • John Silver - Shanson 
    • John Silver and Alone Coder - LBF 
    • Pinball Wizzard and Shiru - Another It 
    • Pinball Wizzard and Shiru - Another It (arranged) 
    • Linde - Lame Bells 
    • Yuukichan’s Papa (Remixed by Shiru) - DuckTales Moon 
    • Top Gun Level 2 
    • New Order (Remixed by Pinball Wizzard) - Blue Monday 
    • Jeroen Tel (Remixed by Madmax) - Robocop 3 
    • Groovemaster303 - FM Acid 
    • Alone Coder - Ne4to strrrrashnoe!!!
    • Alone Coder - Uzhos
    • Shiru - Space Standart

Translation[edit | edit source]

Game Over[edit | edit source]

  • "бен не справился в одиночку. злодеи вилгакс завладел его пприбором омнитрикс. теперь он 3ахватит всю вселенную, и лаже азимус теперь некому не сможет помочь."
  • "Bin did not manage alone. villains wilgax took possession of his omnitriks. Now he grabs the whole universe, and now there is no one who can help Azgus."
    • This is a poorly written sentence that should read: "Ben did not manage alone. The villainous Vilgax took possession of his Omnitrix. Now he has the whole universe in his grasp, and now there is no one who can help save the world."

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