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Ben 10: Alien Force
Ben 10's title screen
Publisher Kudos
Developer Unknown, likely BMB
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 2012

Ben 10: Alien Force is an unlicensed Russian Sega Mega Drive port of a beat-em-up for Java phones Ben 10: The Power Of Omnitrix, based on the TV series of the same name. No developer credits exist in the game, but several elements point it to having been made by BMB.


Ben 10 uses the same engine as TMNT - The Legend Returns, another game which is presumed to have been developed by BMB; both have very slow gameplay and a maximum of 2 enemies on screen at a time. The sound driver in Ben 10 is the same as that of most BMB games, and background music is largely recycled from them.

Continue/Game Over

Ben 10 continues the tradition of BMB's games having violent or gory Continue and Game Over screens. When the player loses all lives, a bloody image of Ben appears on the continue screen. Meanwhile, the game over screen depicts a hand emerging from the ground - implied to be Ben's hand - with a graveyard background.




  • Zombie Last Night start and title screen image (Used in the Game Over screen)


  • Alone Coder - Trampam (Used in the intro)
  • Kulor - See You Next Year (Used in the ending screen)

In-game (Randomizes)

  • Linde - Forget Him
  • Linde - Lame Bells
  • New Order - Blue Monday
  • Shiru - Space Standart


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