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The Bensheng 4-in-1 multicarts are Famicom catridges which include 4 different Nice Code Software and Waixing games each, with Super Fight I (a hack of Super Contra 7 with only 2 levels and no bosses) repeating forever on each one. Although these cartridges have 4 different games each, they all have dip switches that can convert them into multicarts with supposedly more games, although the extra games are actually repeats with no difference whatsoever between each other. The different cartridges of this series are:


Aside from Super Fight I, this multicart includes Table Tennis (a pong clone), Radish Field (also known as Assart) and Plush Dog (a whack-a-mole style of game).


Includes Shooting Ballons, Aether Fighter (a space shoot 'em up), and Cute Fish.


This one includes Highway Racing (a Road Fighter clone which uses sounds from that game), Fish War (a hack of Shark! Shark! from the Famiclone-based Intellivision plug and play consoles) and Convection.


  • Aside of having only 2 levels, Super Fighter I doesn't keeps track of score, nor it has an appropriate ending: after finishing level 2, it just goes back to the title screen. [1]
  • The manufacturer of these multicarts is sometimes referred to as "Benshieng" (note the extra I)
  • The graphics on the menu for all of these multicarts are stolen from The Little Mermaid for the NES.