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Binary Monster (數碼怪獸) is an unlicensed Game Boy game developed by an unknown developer and released by Gowin on November 1998. It is a virtual pet game, similar to Tamagotchi and the original incarnation of Digimon, with story elements and a battle system. The game is in Chinese only and is only known to have been released in Chinese-speaking territories (i.e., Taiwan).


  • All music used in this game is directly stolen from the Game Boy game Another Bible. This makes it the only game from Gowin known to blatantly use unauthorized content.
  • Binary Monster is known to have been released in pink and green colored variants of Gowin's unique cartridge shell. It is unknown if the cartridge received other colored variants.
  • Binary Monster would be re-released two times in the early 2000s with updated packaging and new box art featuring Gowin's mascot, Guagualong (瓜瓜龍):
    • The first re-release has the English text "BINARY MONSTER" on the front of the box, and the label on the cartridge is identical to the original release's label. Some copies come with a new manual that uses the new cover art, while others come with a manual that uses the original 1998 box/cart label art.
    • The second re-release was in 2001 and has completely new art for the box and cart label, which includes a logo that looks closer to the one in Binary Monster III. The manual uses the same manual cover from the first re-release.
  • Binary Monster is currently undumped. Original copies of the game use a custom mapper for copy protection purposes, preventing it from running on emulators or flashcarts.
  • The Chinese name for Binary Monster, 數碼怪獸, is used as a name for Digimon in Chinese-speaking territories.


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