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Bio Hazard (also called 生化危机 or "Resident Evil" in Chinese) is a Famicom pirate made by Waixing in 2003 based on Resident Evil for the PlayStation. The plot follows the original game scripts, although just Jill is a playable character and the game is in Chinese.


This game impresses because of the small details. The beginning of the game brings the introduction of Resident Evil 1, originally a video, adapted to sprites. On the title screen, it's possible to start a new game and load a save game from four available slots for saving.

Similar to most Waixing games, the sounds of the game can get annoying and doesn't have any tracks from the Resident Evil series. The menu can be accessed by pressing Start and it is perfectly functional. After obtaining the map, a "map" button will become available on the menu.

To save the game, you need to grab the ink ribbon and go to the typewriter. The battle system and sprites seem to be derived from the Resident Evil Gaiden for the Game Boy Color. When your health hits zero, the Game Over screen appears instantly with the bloody text "YOU DIED" with a depressing jingle. The abrupt appearance of the screen may catch the player off guard.




  • There are three ROM images of this game commonly available: The unhacked Waixing version, included in a pack of downloadable games originally in Waixing's .WXN format, will only work on emulators that support iNES Mapper 227. Second, a ROM image of the same version but hacked to run under iNES Mapper 15. This version was apparently created for the old Nesticle emulator, which is the only emulator which runs this ROM image without crashing. Lastly, a release by Hengge Dianzi entitled 精卫填海 (Jing Wei Tian Hai), which runs under both iNES Mappers 177 or 241, which are supported by most modern emulators.[1]
  • Unlike the original game, this port removes the Black Widow and Giant Snake boss battles. However, the Plant 42 boss is intact.
  • The profile portrait for Jill appears to an 8bit render of her S.T.A.R.S. ID photo found in the original licensed game, albeit with scrambled graphics. Ironically the scrapped Game Boy Color port also features the same ID photo, showing what the graphic would look like if the coding were fixed.