Bit Corp.
Bit Corp.'s logo.
Origin Taiwan
Years 1982-1992
Consoles Atari 2600, Famicom/NES, Gamate, SG-1000
Sounds used Bit Corp. custom, Guo Qiyong
Aliases Puzzy
Games published by HES Interactive (Australia)
Related companies Young Toys, Bit Argentina.

Bit Corp. (普澤) was a developer and publisher from Taiwan which developed numerous games for the Atari 2600, Famicom/NES and Gamate. Bit was one of the first Taiwanese console manufacturers[1] and game developers.


During their lifetime, they made numerous unlicensed games and consoles. Their games were unlicensed (although this was standard for Atari 2600 games) and their Atari 2600 games were released in Europe with both English and German titles.

Their Famicom/NES games were published by various companies in PAL regions, especially Australia and Brazil, and all were published by themselves in Taiwan. Bit Corp. went out of business in 1992 officially due to competition from Hong Kong and Chinese clone manufacturers.[1]. The real reason for their closure might actually be related to the Gamate.

International Activities


Back label advertising Bit Argentina.

In the early 90's, Bit Corp created a subsidiary in Argentina called Bit Argentina. They imported various games from Taiwan and sold them in South America. It seems Bit Argentina lived a bit longer than Bit Corp. For example, they had the time to import and release a mapper hacked Street Fighter II.

In 1992, Nintendo entered Argentina thanks to H.Briones Argentina SA, which became the representative of this company. Looking at the huge wave of piracy in the form of the many famiclones, Nintendo got along with Bit and the company became an official distributor of Nintendo products in Argentina.[2]

In 1994 Bit Argentina distributed consoles through Bitgame Club. [3]

Games Developed by Bit Corp.

Atari 2600:

Name Released [1] Description Cartridge No.
32 in 1 Sold with Bit Corp Creator 30, clone with a Famicom style design.  R320
4 Game in One (C432) With Cat Trax, unreleased game of UA Limited. C432
Bobby is Going Home 1983 PG206
Dancing Plate 1982 PG205
Hockey, Hockey 1982 PAL version of Hockey, Hockey (Activision) PG210
Mission 3000 A.D. 1982 PG207
Mr. Postman 1983 PG209
Open, Sesame! 1982 PG204
Phantom Tank 1982 Published by ZIMAG as Tanks But No Tanks. PG203
Phantom UFO Hack of Spider Fighter (Activision) PG212
Sea Monster 1982 PG201
Snail against Squirrel 1983 PG208
Space Tunnel 1982 PG202


Name Region Released Description / Notes Cartridge No.
Cosmic Crisis Europe 1983 Published later by Telegames in 1986.
Meteoric Shower Europe 1983
Strike It! Europe 1983 Published later by Telegames in 1986.
Tank Wars Europe 1983 Published later by Telegames in 1986.

Famicom / NES:

Name System Released Description Cartridge No.
Crime Busters Famicom


1989 Published in Brazil (NES) by Dismac and Gradiente. 7300

Dian Shi Ma Li 



Developed by Bit Corp

/ Duck Maze



1987 First Taiwanese commercial unlicensed port.

Published in Brazil (NES NTSC) by Dismac.

In Australia by HES (NES PAL).


/ Shui Guo Li



1989 Published by HES in Australia as Jackpot. 7100
Othello Famicom


1988 Published by HES in Australia. 7103
Sheng Hen Pao Famicom 1989 AKA Twin Loud Cannon (cartridge) 7102

Gamate (incompleted):

Name Release Description Cartridge No.
4 in 1 1991 Cube-Up / Minigolf / Vindicators / Brick Blaster C1-401
Baseball 1992 AKA Super Baseball C1-048
Bomb Blaster 1990 Bomb Blaster C1-031
Boom! 1991 C1-043
Box Forum 1991 C1-003
Brick Blaster 1990 C1-029
Cosmic Fighter 1990 C1-032
Cube-Up 1990 Tetris clon. C1-001
Devil Castle
Dino Ball
Dino Bibo
Enchanted Bricks
Fist of Thunder
Flying Goblin
Fortune 'n Luck
Galaxy Invaders
GP Race
Jewel Riss
Kiki Inland
Kill Shot
Kung-Fu Fighter
Legend of Dragon Knight
Magic Jigsaw
Mars Voyage
Mighty Tank
Mini Golf
Money Maze



  • Amigo/賓果遊樂器 (Bingo Game Console) - Atari 2600 clone
  • 創造者30 (Creator 30) - Atari 2600 clone
  • 創造者50 (Creator 50) (aka Dina 2-in-1, Telegames Personal Arcade) - Combined SG-1000 and Colecovision clone
  • 創造者70 (Creator 70) - Famicom clone
  • 創造者100 (Creator 100) - Famicom clone


  • Bit-60 - Compatible with Atari 2600 games
  • Bit-90 - Compatible with ColecoVision games
  • Bit-79 - Compatible with Famicom games, has built in BASIC



A Gamate.

The Gamate is a handheld console similar to the Game Boy (although not an exact clone) released by Bit Corp. in 1990. Around 50 games were published by Bit, but after they went out of business in 1992, UMC continued to produce consoles and games, releasing about 20 further games for the system. Many of its games were developed by Gamtec.


The NES and Famicom releases of Bit Corp.'s cartridges often featu

Bit's seal

red a seal with a drawing of a small, white bearded, old man wearing a red shirt and glasses. It's kind of similar to Pascar which seemed to have some ties to Bit Corp..



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