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Nick Edits Nick Edits 20 days ago

Confusion on Mobile / PC / Flash Games

I wanna create some pages on this wiki but I’m still confused on these 3 game platforms

Are Mobile Games allowed? Because I’ve seen pages off games on mobile on this Wiki

Are PC Games allowed? How about Flash Games? I just wanna know because the help page says that they “”might”” be allowed but I just dunno because I’ve already seen some Mobile Pages

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MisterRavioli MisterRavioli 5 January

I found bootleg famicom carts on eBay

I found bootleg games on eBay. There's Grand Dad, Mary Pizza Pop, Windows ports, etc

The seller is named krzybal0 and I'm guessing they're from Poland because that's where the carts came from.

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Bawkers Bawkers 6 September 2021

My bootleg game list

Here is a list of bootleg games I own as of September 6th, 2021...

..ready? GO!

-369 in 1 (GBA)

-500 in 1 (NES)

-108 in 1 (GBA cart shell but it is actually a gbc mutlicart with gb games on it)

-800 in 1 (Super Nintendo Flash Cart)

-208 in 1 (Nintendo DS Flash Cart)

-108 in 1 (GBC multicart)

-86 in 1 (GBC multicart)

-116 in 1 (GBC multicart)

-26 in 1 (GB multicart)

Pokemon Stuff:

-Pokemon Emerald Repro (Not Working)

-Pokemon Brown

-Pokemon Twitch Anniversary Crystal

-Pokemon Dark Cry

I may have forgotten some but that is what I can list on the top of my head

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Verdiclub Verdiclub 4 September 2021



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Chechutielve Chechutielve 2 October 2020

Zayats: Penghu Games

Zayats: Penghu Games (小綠兔 澎湖動會, literally Little Green Rabbit: Penghu Sports Club) is an unlicensed Mega Drive sports game developed by Gamtec and released by Chen Entertainment featuring Zayats.

The player can compete in 8 sporting events:

  • 100m Dash
  • 110m Hurdles
  • Archery
  • Hammer Throw
  • Long Jump
  • Pole Vault
  • Swimming
  • Taekwondo
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Mondui Mondui 17 January 2020

Y’all here’s some tea

I have a hobby of collecting bootleg consoles. So far, I have the Gamer V Portable. And that’s it!

Recently, I’ve discovered this wild bootleg called the Nanica Smitch, and I just took one look at it and went ‘GURL!’

I’m wondering where could I find the Smitch? I could try Amazon, and if it’s even POSSIBLE, my nearest video game store?

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Bluerock Bluerock 7 September 2019

Wiki Manager introduction

Hi! My name is Bluerock, and I’m the Wiki Manager for the BootlegGames Wiki. I am here to help the community and serve as a liaison to Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., feel free to drop me a message!

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FinnyRises FinnyRises 7 August 2019

Fanmade stuff: PlayBing

PlayBing was a Bootleg game company founded by Ray Jason, Milo Jason, Gabriel Jason (Not real people, Just made up.)

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Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 2 June 2019

Kingpepe2010 deleted my pages CONTRA SHUANG JI XING YUAN

Hey you! Kingpepe2010, DO NOT DELETE THIS PAGE NOW! I want to add some page anymore, PLEASE CREATE IT FAST!

What an idiot, help me now there, Kingpepe2010, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE IT! It is a sad day could helplessly to save his page own by Mr. Delorian 9201. I will recreate CONTRA SHUANG JI XING YUAN at pages does not delete it, no way to save their own pages of CONTRA Hacks. You'll create at Naxeex Wikia at once again.

I have no idea what I should do? C'mon, I want to fit our criteria of Contra hacks. HEY! This pages of Shuang Ji Xing Yuan must NOT BE DELETED!

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Prabowo Wahyu Prabowo Wahyu 10 January 2019

Nyan Cat Bootleg

Hi Guys! I'm Prabowo Muhammad and I maked the new Nyan Cat bootleg game based on the Felix The Cat bootleg for Megadrive in Russian, and Space Invaders, so this game is made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and let's see it!

The game is only one level and it's the music converted into MIDI, and only have 3 lives, when game is over, the game closes, and the game ends, the game closes.

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Olivér1980s1990s Olivér1980s1990s 20 November 2018

(Poll) (Grand Dad VS Somari VS Mario VS Fred Filstone VS Sonic)

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Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer 4 November 2018

Arcadia 2001 clone page has been made.

A page for Arcadia 2001 clones has been made, so now you can add Arcadia 2001 clones on this wiki, & add them there. Do you guys know any that aren't on the Ultimate Console Database? Just add it to the wiki, & the Arcadia 2001 clones page, & eveyone on this wiki will know about it(unless if there were several users who abonded this site).

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Grischasv Grischasv 12 November 2017

What's your favorite bootleg game?

It's a blog mini-game made by me.

Starting! My favorite is 7 Grand Dad.

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Raybox Razorblade Raybox Razorblade 14 August 2016

How do I include a page in a wiki and how do I add pictures in an inbox?

I'm having some issues with adding images to my page, and adding my page to a wiki. Can someone help me? I just got done with my first contribution towards the BootlegGames Wiki, so I'm pretty new with this.

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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 14 July 2016

Does Anyone Needs To Create A Bonanza Bros Bootleg Game?

So Let Me Guess , There Are A Lot Of Bootleg (Hack) Games So Why Not Have A Bonanza Bros One?

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InstantNoodlez InstantNoodlez 14 April 2016


Just apologizing for tthe Bee 21 Quest article, I made it in the first place to see how long it would stay up. But I am making Bee 21 Quest an acutal game pretty soon. And I was considering some other stages to add besides just the one level, message me if you have any ideas.


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Tetrisman64 Tetrisman64 11 January 2015

Log-In Problem

I keep getting an error every time I Log on, Anybody having trouble too?

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Micael Alighieri Micael Alighieri 15 November 2014

Pirates' strategies

It's very common in a society like ours to try every existing method to earn extra cash. I'm used to seeing very poor game edits like Pokemon Blue and Lion King, I've also seen videogame series, something like "video game chapters" (it happened with the hacked versions of Somari). But today, I've discovered two examples of what I think it could be the most sassy and clever ways to sell a game to a random person. If it weren't clever enough, it features two games hacked of the same licensed game:

  • Let's pick up a game, let's change the player graphics and the life counter.
  • Now, let's make two copies: Ice Age 3 and Ice Age 4.
  • Because of the game difficulty, and knowing that very few people will get to the next stages, let's make Ice Age 4 to sta…
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Tetrisman64 Tetrisman64 30 May 2014

Roms Found on NESbox

I recently found pirated game roms on a site called NESbox

  • Super Mario World
  • Super Mario World 9
  • Super Mario Bros 6
  • Super Donkey Kong - Xiang Jiao Chuan
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Somari
  • Pocket Monster
  • M.C. Mario
  • EarthWorm Jim 3
  • Donkey Kong Country 4
  • Super Mario Bros. 17
  • Dian Shi Ma Li
  • Kart Fighter
  • Super Donkey Kong 2
  • The Panda Prince
  • Pokemon Gold
  • Super Mario 14
  • Super Mario Bros 14
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Galaxyman83 Galaxyman83 25 March 2014

Bootleg Galaxy

Alright, to start off with this blog, I'm going to show you guys some game boy color carts:

Shi Kong Xing Shou This picture is the Waixing release, and hasn't really changed, except for the title. This game is a rip off of Pokémon Digimon, and even Megaman! It's a really good game, though. The music's good too. Digimon 3 Crystal…
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EterTC EterTC 6 November 2013

I think we should...

Post download links to dumped games, like Sonic Retro does with their Sonic hacks and Sonic pirate games.

--BootlegGames Wiki rules do NOT allow sharing ROMs on the site. MLJY (talk)

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Ladysia99Swell Ladysia99Swell 7 September 2013

Good News


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MugoUrth MugoUrth 6 September 2012

Where can I find Pocket Monster Saphire rom?

I'm sorry if asking for roms is against the rules, but I've been trying to find a rom for and I cannot find it anywhere. I mean, you could argue that the game is pirated, it's not that good, and all that jazz. Even so, I still kind of want it.

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KingPepe2010 KingPepe2010 28 July 2010

Watercooler post!

Yup, check the Watercooler for the latest post.

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KingPepe2010 KingPepe2010 11 May 2010

Watercooler post

Please take a look at the watercooler, important notice

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KingPepe2010 KingPepe2010 9 May 2010



If it works, it's good.

CHECK THE WATERCOOLER (Community > Forum > Watercooler) FOR IMPORTANT NOTICES (such as the one I posted in there)

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KingPepe2010 KingPepe2010 9 May 2010

Infobox template for pirated games

Please look at Somari and use that infobox for any pirated games. Post suggestions in the forum. (Community > Forum > Watercooler)

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Quadunit404 Quadunit404 8 May 2010

Obligatory "Hello World!" blog post


Stuff that will be posted here will be 'imported' from the old Wiki. I'll post release notes if necessary (e.g. last-minute changes) here.

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