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Blood Of Jurassic is an original light gun game for the Famicom developed by Inventor and published by Shanghai Paradise in 1997. The game was later re-released in 2005 by Waixing under a different name: Jurassic Hunting: Jurassic Park.



Level selection screen.

In Blood of Jurassic, you have to hunt dinosaurs using a light gun at different levels of difficulty to get points. The game has 6 selectable stages and all end in a main boss. Some levels include bits of parallax scrolling.

Notably, the game’s soundtrack, composed by Cao Huaizhen (credited as Dr. Cao), uses the NES music driver. This was mainly used in Sunsoft’s later NES releases.


  • The Desert Stage is using an 8-bit rendition of the song Azzurro by Adriano Celentano.
  • The last two songs on the cart are not used in-game for unknown reasons.
  • The shotgun sprite is possibly stolen from the "Super Shotgun" weapon from Doom II.