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Bobmark International was a video game distributor in Poland. The company was formed by Marek Jutkiewicz and Dariusz Wojdyga, after Jutkiewicz stumbled upon a Micro Genius famiclone console while on a business trip in Taiwan and saw potential in the console.

In 1991 they released the Pegasus, which quickly became a hit, making the company a profit of 30 billion PLN in 1992 alone.

In 1994 changes to copyright law by the Polish parliament caused Bobmark to create the subsidiary company AGES which became a legal distributor of Sega consoles. They also decided not to sell Nintendo games on the Pegasus or any other games that would infringe third party companies' copyright. Instead, they signed a contract with companies such as Sega, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Ocean, BIC, Codemasters, Sachen, and Gamtec beginning to sell their games instead.

In 1996 they started selling the Sega Saturn and starting a fierce rivalry against Sony's PlayStation. The company suffered losses causing it to withdraw from selling video games and focus on the sale of soft drinks under the name Hoop company.

Registered trademarks in Poland[]

  • U.S Auto Service (from February 1992)
  • Bobmark (from July 1992)
  • Pegasus (from April 1993)
  • Camerica (from January 1995)
  • Fenix (from January 1995)
  • Big Nose (from January 1995)
  • Code Masters (from January 1995)



  • Pegasus - many different models
  • Pegasus Game Boy - Classic and SY-3000B model
  • Power Pegasus
  • Action Set (rumored or sold more shady ways)[2]
  • Fenix (rumored or sold more shady ways)[3]
  • Sega Mega Drive
  • Sega Master System II
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Sega Mega Drive 32X
  • Sega Mega CD II
  • Sega Saturn

Officially Distributed Bootleg Games[]