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Bomb Kick is an arcade game developed and released by Yun Sung in 1998.


This game is a similar to Snow Bros. and other platformers of the ilk, but with a gimmick of blowing up the scenery with bombs. Actually, It's a bootleg of the "Compile disc station vol.12 - Bomber through gogo!" game. Players can choose between a speedy soccer player named Toto, a red-haired fairy named Jeny who's capable of multi-jumping, and a polar bear named Mola that can skate.

Bomb Kick also prominently features unlicensed images of Disney's Aladdin characters, with World 5 (creatively titled "Aladdin") themed around it. And some stages have a straight-ripoff of midi-themed Super mario bros. Theme.

Another korean company, Limenko, made a simillar but almost the same concept of arcade game called "Dynamite Bomber" in 2000.