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BomberBoy is a port of the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 game Bomberman '94 for the Famicom made by Super Game and released on a multicart in 1997 by an unknown publisher[1]. While being only released in 1997, it appears to be Super Game's first title, made around 1995 and unfinished for unknown reasons.


BomberBoy Gameplay

Gameplay (Stage 5-4).

BomberBoy features the same modes as Mega Bomberman: a story and a battle mode. The first one comprises 24 individual levels divided into 6 distinct worlds. Bomberman has to defeat all enemies on one stage to proceed[2]. In each level, items can be found by blowing specific tiles. The last stage, 6-4, is the final (and only) boss of the story mode.

In the battle mode, two players can confront themselves in a death match in one of the seven different arenas available. Each player starts with two bombs at an average blast length. A player loses when they are hit by a bomb blast. While items can be found under some tiles, they appear to be ineffective.


  • The Super Game logo as seen upon starting the game is hidden in Super Lion King data. This logo was never found in the rest of Super Game library, suggesting that Bomber Boy was their first production.
  • The game was likely cancelled to favor the development of Super Lion King.
    • The story mode has numerous game breaking glitches that indicate it was never fully playtested; levels 2-4 and 5-3 cannot be beaten normally.
    • The battle mode is unfinished. Bonuses don't appear to do anything when picked up and both players already have some of them activated upon starting a round.
  • This is one of the only Super Game's game that has a proper ending, the other simply resets when you beat it.



  1. The same publisher that released Blood of the Jurassic and Super Hang-on 97 by Shanghai Paradise. There's a similar GD id.
  2. Two levels are unbeatable due to a programming oversight.