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Boogerman II: The Final Adventure is an unlicensed port of the Mega Drive version of Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure, made by Rex Soft in 1997.

The gameplay is slow, and the controls are far less responsive than Super Game's version. There are 2 extra powers than what Super Game's version had: Belch and the Flame Gas ability (This power only works if pressing A, B, And Select all at once), but lacks garbage piles and the Milk Jug powerup. Also, it has two bosses removed from Super Game's version: FlyBoy and Revolta. The music in this version is more recognizable than Super Game's version. In the story intro, the text is scrolling up, instead of paragraphs, and lacks the animation of Boogerman cleaning the room. Super Game's version combines all four levels into one 1 Level each, but Boogerman II has only 2 of the four levels, separately, like Earthworm Jim 3 by Hummer Team, also made in 1997. 


  • Both Rex Soft's and Super Game's port of Boogerman were released in 1997.
  • While the introductory text is set into paragraphs in Super Game's version, it is a text crawl in Rex Soft's version.
  • Music from this game was used in Jungle Adventure, a boss-only hack of The Panda Prince appearing built into handhelds and plug-and-play consoles.