BootlegGames Wiki

Welcome to BootlegGames Wiki! This game documents various bootleg games, consoles and the developers and publishers behind them. This page is designed to teach you the wiki's rules and how to format articles properly.

NOTE: You need to abide by the rules whether you have an account or not. There is no exception.

Rules & Guidelines

0px General Rules

Read this unless you would liked to be banned.

0px Articles

Articles that are and aren't allowed for the wiki.

0px The Black List

Examples of what we don't want on this wiki. Do NOT edit or create articles for these.


0px New Articles

How to make a proper article, how to use infoboxes, all that fun stuff.

0px Formatting

How to use formats in wikitext and when to use them.

0px Other Templates

A list of templates that haven't been mentioned in the previous pages.

0px Talk Pages

General rules for talk pages.

0px User Pages

General rules for user pages.


0px Uploading content

Guidelines on uploading files.