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This page contains all the templates that haven't been mentioned in other pages before. You might occasionally run into these when viewing certain articles. The links for each heading will lead to the description and the syntax on how to use the templates. However, misuse of these templates can lead to consequences.

Delete (Mark for Deletion)

If an article doesn't belong on this wiki or it's breaking the rules in some way (Example: The article is covering the same thing as another existing article), mark the page with this. It will also add the article to the category Category:Candidates for deletion. This will let admins and bureaucrats know that these pages could be deleted. However, if you don't think the article should be deleted, talk about it in Category talk:Candidates for deletion.

There is also a speedy delete template that every wiki on Wikia uses. This is supposed to be intended for articles that clearly need to be deleted as soon as possible. However, we recommend you stick with the standard delete template since it would be easier for the staff to look over one category.


This template can be used if an article either looks like crap and definitely needs to be fixed up. You can also add a message if a specific part of the article needs cleaning up. Adding this template will also add the article to Category:Poorly-made articles.

Protected (Staff-only template)

This template is used to tell non-staff members that the page is protected and who it's protected from. Articles get protected if they've start recieving a lot of vandalism/spam. While non-staff members can use this notice, there's no reason to since they can't protect the article.


If an article appears rather short, this would be the template to stick at the top of the page. This also adds the article to Category:Article stubs.