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Talk pages are pages generally used to discuss about an article's content or with another user.


  • If there's a discussion in a section on the talk page and what you want to discuss is completely unrelated, make a new section for it.
  • Editing rules still apply here whether it's an article talk page or a user talk page so you can still get banned for these things. Deleting it won't help since it'll still be in the history.
  • Don't erase other people's comments; this is also worthy a ban.
  • Remember to reply to other people and sign your comments properly like below.

How to reply and sign your name


If you wish to reply to a specific comment, use a colon before what you want to type so it'll properly indent your comment.


The wikitext syntax for making a signature is 4 tildes like so:


On the VisualEditor, there's a signature button located right on the toolbar at the top.