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A list of games that do not belong on this wiki either because they have been disproved or don't abide by the rules under Articles. This basically serves as an idea as what not to upload. Do not create articles for these games or you will face the consequences.

The Black List

  • Any hacks by "TPT" or "NNH" - these are almost certainly homebrew hacks designed to look like bootleg ones. Examples include:
    • Mari Land 19
    • Super Mario 18 aka Bro 18
    • Kid 333
    • Mario Party
    • Daiku no Gen San Deluxe
  • Pokémon Black - Fake bootleg hack originated from "creepypasta" stories.
  • Pokémon Lost Silver - Fake bootleg hack originated from "creepypasta" stories.
  • Somari 2 - Fan game.
  • Sonic vs Os Mauniks - Was confirmed to be a homebrew ROM hack of Psycho Fox that wasn't sold.
  • Sonyc - Both MSX2 and GBA versions were homebrews; may have been sold by bootleg companies at one point but that was without the consent of the original creators.
  • Super Mari War 5 - Fan game.
  • ROM hacks posted on popular sites such as romhacking. - This is not the purpose of the BootlegGames Wiki.