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For information on uploading files that applies for the entire Fandom network, refer to Help:Uploading files. The following pages are guidelines specific to this wiki.

0px Images

Guidelines for uploading images (screenshots, box art, etc.)

0px Audio

Guidelines for uploading audio files.

0px Videos

Please read this if you're considering posting a YouTube video to the wiki.

General uploading guidelines

  • Please give the file a descriptive and unique name - eg "Super Mario World 18 Box.jpg" is better than "mario.jpg" or "DSCF1023.JPG"
  • Please select the appropriate licensing.
    • For screenshots and cover/manual scans this will always be "fair use" (as the copyright is owned by the game developer/publisher)
    • For files you made yourself, select whichever license you would like to use.
    • For files you did not make:
      • If it was released under Creative Commons or public domain etc, select the appropriate license.
      • If it wasn't or the license is unknown (this goes for most images from auction sites, for example), select "fair use" and please include a link to the source in the description, if you know it.
  • Please add appropriate categories. Unfortunately Wikia doesn't make this as easy as categorizing articles, so you have to either add the categories in the description box manually as described here, or do it after you have uploaded the image.
    You can browse all image categories from Category:Images, but commonly used categories include: