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User pages aren't exactly mandatory but can be used to tell a bit about yourself. There are some guidelines to follow however.


  • A lot of the general rules applies here so read up on those if you haven't. Cursing here is completely fine but just realize that excessive cursing may not give you a postive outlook for some people.
  • Don't spend most of your time on the wiki editing your user page or we will restrict your user page privileges. (It WILL pop up on the Recent Changes list on the front page.)
  • For some strange reason, Wikia allows users to edit other user pages. If you don't want your user page edited, put up a notice on it. (Although if someone edits your page and you make no mention of it, it's not our problem unless said edit breaks rules.) If it becomes a problem, an admin will restrict who can edit the user page.

Parts of the User Page


Basically, you can edit this with whatever you wish. You generally use this to talk about yourself or what you wish to do for this wiki if someone does visit your profile.

Talk Page

Every user gets their own talk page; this is usually used for discussing things about what you've done on the wiki and NOT for normal discussion. (Save this for e-mail or IMs, people!) Admins also have talk pages so if a problem arises, use their talk pages to discuss with them. Talk page rules still apply here as well. You should check these often just in case someone posts something.

As a side note, do not use these talk pages to nag on people for doing something wrong on the wiki. That's the admins' job. If we find you doing this, you can get banned.


Use this for contributions or discoveries you have found and possibly related to anything with Wikia. Don't use it for anything else unrelated. If possible, try to detail everything into one blog post and not make multiple posts in like one full hour.


This basically lists everything you've done on the wiki. You're unable to edit this.


Shows all of the pages you are following. You can't edit this either.