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Brazil International Corporation (八齊實業有限公司), also sometimes referred to as Brazil Industrial Corporation and often just as BIC is an electronic company that acted both as a supplier of components and a publisher in the early 90s. They notably released most of the Codemasters titles as Famicom cartridges. They also worked closely with Camerica.

They also released 2 Famicom multicarts in coperation with Bobmark to Pegasus console.

4 in 1 which was modified version of NES 4 in 1 Adventure with 2 games replaced and 5 in 1 a original compilation of 5 Codemasters games.


BIC seems to have started releasing the Codemasters games as Famicom cartridges around the same time as Camerica. To this day, it's unclear if BIC really had licensed those titles at all. According to the Oliver Twins, who worked for Codemasters around this period, Codemasters had never delivered an authorization to retail the games on 60-pin Famicom cartridges[3]. Since the European releases of the Codemasters games were not manufactured by BIC, there's a possibility that Camerica and BIC signed a deal without Codemasters knowing.


Explicit BIC credits[]

These titles were all released at least once with a cover that features the BIC logo.

  • Bee 52
  • Big Nose Freaks Out
  • Big Nose The Caveman
  • Dizzy The Adventurer
  • Firehawk
  • Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade
  • M.I.G. 29 Soviet Fighter
  • Micro Machines
  • Stunt Kids (Only through Tiger Electronics?)
  • The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
  • The Ultimate Stuntman
  • Videomation (Western Technologies)

BIC cases[]

These games do not feature the BIC logo on the cover but were retailed with BIC cartridge shells.


  • The manager of BIC and Realtec claim to have developed the original NES Game Genie with a team of engineers in Taiwan[4]. This contradicts Codemasters' statements of having created the original Game Genie.


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