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Brother Adventure is a port/clone of Mario Bros. developed by Zemina in 1987 for the MSX.


The game is essentially a port of the NES version of Mario Bros., although most of the sprite graphics have been edited for the port. The characters, obviously previously Mario and Luigi, have been renamed "Titan" and "Gamma", respectively.

Controlling Titan and Gamma is slightly different from Mario and Luigi, as they lack the notable "skid" from Mario Bros.; this makes controlling them easier for the most part, although it does alter the physics just enough to throw off veterans of the original game.

Due to being made by Zemina, it is often considered a "prequel"/precursor to the Super Boy series.


  • The Mario on the title screen is stolen from NES Open Tournament Golf and Famicom Golf: Japan Tournament.
  • Some of the music is taken from Dig Dug.