Title screen.
Hack of Vigilante
Publisher Duintronic
Developer Duintronic (Arcade)
Software (AMI)
Original developer Irem
Console Arcade, Commodore Amiga
Date 1989
Engine Vigilante
Sound engine Vigilante (voices only)

Buccaneers is a beat 'em up made game for Arcade machines, developed and released by Duintronic in 1998.

Overview Edit

You control a sailor beating up pirate thugs in a pirate-themed world, much in vein of The Secret of Monkey Island. You can attack them by either punching or kicking your enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • The game is a very extensive ROM hack of Vigilante, an Arcade game released in 1988 by Irem. It is the official sequel of Kung-Fu Master / Spartan X. Some major differences include:
    • The dual Zilog Z80 CPUs runs at 5,68 MHz and at 3,07 MHz, which are not the standard clock-rate of Irem M75 hardware;
    • Dual Yamaha YM2203 soundchips are used instead of a single Yamaha YM2151;
    • The font used in Vigilante still the same, but his main color is in red instead of original orange;
    • The music is different from Vigilante, as both games don't share the same theme setting;
    • The voices used in the game still the same from Vigilante;
    • The game is slow paced compared with the original;
    • Due to that fact listed earlier, you cannot spam attacks at faster rate like in the original, which it makes the game more harder to beat;
    • Air attacking is more laggy than usual;
    • Common enemies die in two hits instead of one;
    • Some hazards, such as explosive barrels, kills the player instantly;
    • The game don't include a secondary-weapon which Vigilante included (nunchakus);
  • The game was ported for the Commodore Amiga by another company, and this version seems to be undumped;
  • Duintronic was a small company localized at Barcelona, Spain. This was the only game the company ever did, and little info is known about the company itself.
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