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BugTris (버그트리스) is an unlicensed variant of Tetris published by Game Line for both the NES/Famicom and the Sega Master System. The developer is currently unknown.


The main objective of BugTris is to capture bugs that are hiding inside blocks. The player finds these bugs by clearing lines with blinking blocks, then catching the bugs with a net. Once all the bugs are captured, the game continues to the next level. The game ends after level 30 is completed. All of the "bug" graphics are taken from Galaga.

Block Puzzle[]

Block Puzzle is effectively a variant of BugTris, presumably from the same developers, released for the NES/Famicom. This variant removes the whole concept of catching bugs, making it just a standard Tetris clone.

In terms of older releases, Block Puzzle is only known to have been released once - appearing solely on the Littlecom 160 Famicom multicart. However, the game surprisingly appeared on several recent (mid-to-late 2010s) plug & plays, likely without approval of the original developers.



Unused logo.

  • An unused Game Line logo appears in the Famicom version's code; it is unknown where it would have been used. This logo was completely removed from the data in Block Puzzle.
  • Unlike BugTris (which has numerous original songs), Block Puzzle has only one: a slowed-down Metal Force level tune. The usage of Metal Force music may suggest that the games were produced by Open Corp., though this cannot be 100% confirmed.
    • The "Digital ez LG" multigame - a Famiclone built-in to several LG CRT TV models - features games that appear to originate from the same developer. Unused text data from some of these titles suggests the development company's name is "Rama"; though Rama may be a 2000s offshoot of the Open-affiliated (?) developer.
  • The game is frequently found on Game Line multicarts, often as one of the first games on the list.
  • The Master System version doesn't appear to have had a single release.
  • BugTris was first seen on a Master System multicart called Pigu-Wang 7 Hap. This multicart was released in December 1995. The multicart itself was released for Sega Mega Drive, which runs on the Master System backward compatibility mode without the need of a Power Base Converter / Mega Adaptor.