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The CM-42 Games Color 37-in-1 (or Color GB 37-in-1, as the game's menu calls it) is a pirate multicart for the Game Boy Color.


No game is repeated on this multicart (except different versions of Pokémon). It includes 9 Game Boy Color games (including GBC backward compatible games) and the rest are Game Boy games. There are no pirate originals on this cart.

List of games[]

  1. Zelda
  2. Pokemon Yellow
  3. Pokemon Red
  4. Pokemon Blue
  5. ISS99
  6. Antz
  7. Looney Tune
  8. Tom and Jerry
  9. Hogo 2
  10. Pac-Man SCE
  11. Aladdin
  12. Megaman 3
  13. Contra Alien War
  14. Asterix
  15. Mario and Yoshi
  16. Asteroids
  17. Bomb Jack
  18. Battlecity
  19. Boxxle
  20. Castelian
  21. Centipede
  22. Crystal Quest
  23. Dr. Mario
  24. Flipull
  25. Heiankyo Alien
  26. Pop Up
  27. Serpent
  28. Tesserae
  29. World Bowling
  30. Space Invaders
  31. Hyperloderunner (Hyper Lode Runner)
  32. Motocross Maniacs
  33. Penguin Land
  34. Tetris
  35. Boxxle 2
  36. Pipe Dream
  37. Tasmania Story

Interesting Info[]

This cart contains 3 spots of epoxy resin on the pcb and a cage for the cr2032 save battery so you don't have to solder the battery on the board when it needs replacement. The cart is held together with a simple phillips head screw for easy opening without the use of a game bit. There is a red and blue variant of this cart. The shell is a little thicker than a retail cart and has no indent on the front where the text "Nintendo Game Boy" would be, making it harder to pull the game out of the system. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this cart is that the games are in NTSC USA, meaning the Pokémon games are in English. The dumped roms header is PAC-MAN SCE (with a different checksum) and is the only game that can be played since it is the only one with data on it (the other games will softlock an emulator). The link to the rom can be found here.