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Candory's gameplay.
Hack of Ponpoko
Console Arcade

Candory (깐돌이, roughly translates to "Meticulous") is a Korean hack of the 1982 arcade game Ponpoko released by an unknown company. The game changes most of the graphics, but retains all audio and text from the original. The game was released "legally" following the end of a ban on arcade and computer games in Korea; whether it was originally released illegally (or even outside of Korea) is unknown. A document list shows the game was sold directly after the ban was lifted in late 1984.

Ponpoko himself has been replaced with Mario, using modified versions of his Donkey Kong graphics. Mice have been altered to resemble what are likely intended to be aliens, and snakes in pots are now E.T. in his spaceship. Level pieces, like the walls and ladders, have been altered as well.