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Cars 2 (Тачки 2) is a Russian hack of Championship Pro-Am for the Mega Drive made by an unknown Russian developer.


Not much is changed in this hack. It's been translated to Russian and a title screen replaces the developer logo screen. The playable cars are the same too, except with eyes added in order to tie in with the Cars movie. Since Cars 2 came out in 2011, this game likely came out in 2011 or later.



Lightning McQueen and his komachda travel in color and take part in the "chemnion race". The best riders participate in this championship. You have to help the master win the grand prize!


  • The red text on the title screen translates to "The game is made by the order of KUDOS"; referring to the publisher of the hack.
  • When opened with a hex editor it says SEGA GENESIS (C)T-97 2010.OCT CARS 2 RUS near the beginning. So, the game was released or at least compiled on October 2010.

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