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Castle of Dracula is a puzzle game, developed and released by Yun Sung in 1994.


The game is set in 17XX, and Dracula kidnap Lydia, a daughter of an unnamed elder from the city of Goidel. Then, the elder asks for an valiant knight called Sonnie to rescue her from Dracula's hands. Sonnie will go on to Dracula's Castle, but he (and an unnamed Player 2 palette swap character) will face numerous opponents until they reach on her.


The game is a puzzle game where you must find a way to get a key to go onto the next stage. In order to do this, you must throw a block into his respective figure. And you must do this in a certain time limit, as well with a certain number of tries.


  • The game is a clone of Plotting, a puzzle game for Arcade machines made by Taito in 1989. It was also released on Famicom and Game Boy as Flipull (the first one is a Japan exclusive release). So, the main differences from the original game and Castle of Dracula are:
    • The character throws the piece from the left side of the field instead of the right side;
    • The time limit is not represented by a numbered counter, but by a bar composed of squares;
    • In Plotting, you cannot request another tile set when you run out of misses, but on Castle of Dracula, you can.
  • The songs from the game seems to be stolen from various Commodore Amiga games, as the instruments on most Amiga games are not tuned.
  • The way that main character walks to the next round is the same from the Salaryman, the main character of Takeshi no Chousenjou.
  • The font used in comic-like balloons is the "Comix" font from Deluxe Paint II. It was also used in Fantasia and Art Alive for Sega Mega Drive (Genesis).
  • Despite being a unnamed Player 2 character in the game, the game is 1-Player only, meaning that palette swap character is not used, even if you start the game as Player 2.
  • The game's plot is very reminiscent of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood