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Chameleon 24 is a piece of hardware made by Amusement Game and released in 2002. It is a multi-game Arcade machine, but in reality, is just a Famiclone.


The machine contains 24 games onto the PCB:

  1. Star Soldier
  2. Goonies (The Goonies)
  3. Bros. II (Super Mario Bros. with world selection enabled)
  4. Grading (Gradius with power-ups already available hack)
  5. Legendry (The Legend of Kage)
  6. B-Wings
  7. Exerion (with infinite rapid-fire single shots hack)
  8. Front Line
  9. Macross (Choujikuu Yousai Macross)
  10. Arkanoid (with normal Pad hack)
  11. Islander (Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Shima, known Overseas as Hudson's Adventure Island)
  12. Nut's & Milk (Nuts & Milk)
  13. Pacman (Pac-Man)
  14. Battle City
  15. Digdug (Dig Dug)
  16. Pooyan
  17. TwinBee
  18. Donkey Kong
  19. Spartan-X (known as Kung-Fu overseas)
  20. Galaxian (with rapid-fire hack)
  21. Star Force (Famicom version with rapid-fire hack)
  22. Xevious
  23. Galaga
  24. Pinball


  • The font used in the menu seems to be similar to the one found in Supervision 76-in-1 with emulators after doing a soft reset, which turns into a 42-in-1.