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ChaseHQ2 Evolution is a bootleg remake of Sega Rally 2 created by Chinese developer HuoQi in 2003. The name itself is not related to Taito's Chase H.Q. series of police chase driving games; it is possible the "HQ" part came from the developer's name.


The game contains two tracks from the arcade version of Sega Rally 2, Desert and Mountain, and three cars from the game, the Toyota Corolla WRC, Subaru Impreza WRC, and Lancia Stratos HF, as well as a hidden car, the Ferrari F399, a Formula One car used in the 1999 season. While the car and track assets are scratch-made, some sound effects (including the navigator's voice) came from the original game, as well as the game's menu screen, and some trackside sponsor logos came from Moto Racer 2, explaining why most of them are motorcycle-related. Overall, the game's physics are very basic.

Previous versions[]

The first iteration of the game, simply called ChaseHQ, was released in 2000 and featured one track and one car, the Toyota Celica GT-Four (presumably referring to the car's appearance in the first Sega Rally game). It features one track and also uses trackside sponsor logos from Moto Racer 2. The website for it was captured by Wayback Machine, although it was not downloadable from the capture.

The original ChaseHQ 2 was first released in 2001 and featured only one track and two cars; Evolution is the update to that original version.