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Chiller is an unlicensed NES port of the arcade game of the same name. The game is well known for its depiction of gore and violence, although this port censors the original's brief nudity. It was developed by American Game Cartridges, Inc. A light gun can be used but isn't required. Chiller also has a two-player mode.


The main goal of Chiller is to lower the 'Monster Meter' to zero before time runs out by shooting various monsters, animals, and people. The player can also activate torture devices in the later levels by shooting specific spots on them. The quicker the player completes this, the higher the points. Everything you shoot is worth either 100 or 200 points.

Chiller has four levels: the 'Graveyard', the 'Hallway', the 'Rack Room', and the 'Torture Chamber'. The NES version has the levels in the reverse order when compared to the arcade original, choosing to start off relatively tame instead of with extreme violence right away.

Before each level starts, you are presented with four rows of eight symbols. These symbols represent the talismans you need to shoot in the levels to get to play the bonus level, with each row representing each level. The bonus level, referred to as the 'Talisman Bonus Round', has you shooting different monsters' heads and human hearts that fly across the screen for more points. After the 'Talisman Bonus Round' is finished, the rows of symbols reset and the game will continue this loop until the player loses.

Version Differences[]

This is a list of some of the differences between the arcade and NES versions of Chiller.

  • In the arcade version, if every talisman is shot by the end of each level, the player will get to play a brief slot machine minigame where they can win bonus points or a free game. This is not in the NES version.
  • In the NES version's bonus level, the player is able to miss a few heads or hearts. In the arcade version, if the player misses one head or heart, the bonus level is over.
  • The 'Hallway' level has a dog walking by that the player can shoot. The NES version doesn't give any points for doing this, but the arcade version will give the player 100 points for shooting the dog once every time it walks by.
  • Every talisman that is shot in the NES version clears a symbol from one of the rows revealing a secret message. It reads, 'YOU HAVE FOUND EVERY TAILSMAN'. The arcade version has a picture of the castle from the title screen and the bonus level underneath instead.
  • In the arcade version of the 'Graveyard' level, a partially-buried woman's clothing can be shot away. As mentioned above, the NES version censors this nudity, with her instead disappearing when shot.
  • Every level in the NES version has a 'Monster Meter' of 20, meaning you need to shoot 20 different things. In the arcade version, the 'Monster Meter' amounts per level are as follows: the 'Torture Chamber' and the 'Rack Room' (both 40), the 'Hallway' (45), and the 'Graveyard' (50).


  • When a light gun is used, the trigger is pulled, and the screen flashes, red circles can be seen briefly. These are all of the different spots the player can shoot to lower the 'Monster Meter'.
  • The Australian version of Chiller contains some hidden copyrights and a test screen accessible by holding Up + A + Select and then pressing Reset on the console. This screen will show you whether you're using a PAL or NTSC console, along with a PRG checksum and a version build date of September 21, 1990. This is not in the US version.
  • The US version does have three unused pieces of text: 'BY', 'CHRISTOPHER', and 'ERHARDT'.
  • Light guns occasionally don't work with Chiller, even when played on a CRT TV.


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