Chinese Tycoon
Chinese Tycoon's title screen from the original version.
Publisher Hitek, Boang Co., Ltd. (帛昂有限公司)
Developer Hitek
Console Game Boy Color
Date  ???
Engine Chinese Tycoon engine
Sound engine The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Alternate names/hacks Asia Magnate (亞洲大亨) (Original version)
Super Rich II (Li Cheng)
Chinese Tycoon (中國大亨) is a Game Boy Color game developed by Hitek. This is a port of the Richman 2 (大富翁2). It is believed to be the game released under the Hitek name and it appears to be their only board game.

Overview Edit

It's a board game. The aim is to win the championship by playing against various others character such as Sun Hsiao Mei (孫小美), Kintarou (金太郎), and John Joe (約翰喬). Each stage is split into three areas (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Rich Castle) and to proceed to the next stage, one must bankruptcy others character. The game is currently undumped.

Versions Edit

  • Original version (Hitek): This version has the Hitek logo. Original version title screen is "Asia Magnate".
  • Li Cheng version: This version removes the Hitek logo for a title screen photo and changes the "Asia Magnate" logo to another logo written 超级大富翁II (Super Rich II).[1]

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  • Despite being developed in China, The text in this game is a mix of Simplified and Traditional Chinese, a common trait in hitek's earlier games.

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  • [1] (GBC中文DUMP ROM补完计划,更新篇)
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