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Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers is an unlicensed Russian port of the Famicom game of the same name, probably made by BMB for the Sega Mega Drive. This port steals images from Chip and Dale comics, or original concept art in color. For example, the title, cutscenes (which just show the image above and the text in Russian below), and the game over screen.


This game is one of BMB's first games and was the first to use the platformer engine that they created. The plot of the games is the same as the original game. The gameplay is the same as the original game it's based off of. the player can select to be Chip or Dale, collecting RR tokens through each stage. Just like every other BMB game, this game includes randomly selected music which changes whenever you die, or go off screen.


  • After this game was developed, BMB started using the same engine of this game to make his/their next games, such as Felix the Cat, Darkwing Duck, Angry Birds in Russia, and the all of the Lego games BMB made (which after that, he started using the same Lego engine to make The Adventures of the Gummi Bears and Iron Man for the Mega Drive.)
  • Unlike other BMB games, this one doesn't have a creepy game over screen. It only shows Chip and Dale smelling a nasty thing/green fog. Saying in Russian "Is this the end Chip? Yes, it is.".

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