Kou Dai Jing Ling - Fei Cui
Kou Dai Jing Ling - Fei Cui's title screen
Developer Waixing
Console Famicom
Date 2002 or later
Sound engine Waixing
Alternate names/hacks n/a
Kou Dai Jing Ling - Fei Cui is a bootleg NES version of Keitai Denjuu Telefang, a Game Boy Color game. It was made by Waixing and is considered to be of a low quality


The gameplay has little to do with the original Telefang. While the general plot is still the same, with the same objectives and bosses, there are some drastically altered elements. The starter Denjuu is Oshe, as opposed to Crypto (in Power Version) or Fungus (in Speed Version). The Denjuu found in the wild are all completely different, and are often evolved. The maps are changed as well: while the general layout is the same, the acres are far larger: instead of them being 160x128 (the size of a GBC screen minus the 16-pixel high status bar), they are 256x240 (the size of a PAL NES screen), and everything is adjusted accordingly. Shops are completely different, offering many items at a time, as opposed to just four, and are often very expensive. The clock is completely non-existent, and the battle system is very different. All of the Denjuu are given random Pokémon names (sometimes misspelled). Like all Waixing pirates, the text is in Chinese, rather than Japanese. The first eleven monsters from the third generation of Pokémon games are present too, thus dating the pirate to 2002 or later.

Battle system

Like the original Telefang, the player can select up to three Denjuu to battle at a time, but the battle system is completely different otherwise. Although the Denjuu select screen says they will arrive in 6 turns (which is unlike the original Telefang), they always seem to arrive instantly. Unlike the original Telefang, where there are 3-on-3 battles, only one Denjuu will battle on a side at a time; however, they can be switched freely, and doing so will not cost a turn. Each Denjuu has four attacks. The attacks have PP, which is a feature in Pokémon, not Telefang. The PP (and HP) restores after a battle ends. The more powerful Denma attacks of the original Telefang, which took several turns to charge up and ran off a separate attack stat, are absent.

In the original Telefang, each Denjuu had a habitat type that affects how it battles against other habitat types. The type matchups were a simple 6-way rock-paper-scissors chain: Forest -> Aquatic -> Desert -> Grassland -> Mountain -> Sky -> Forest. However, in this NES bootleg, they seem to be nonexistant.

The battle animations are recycled from Waixing's Pokémon Red pirate, some of which are from the legit Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow.


None of the music in the NES game is from the original Telefang. All of this music is heard in at least some of Waixing's other pirated games. The battle theme was used in Waixing's port of Biohazard.

List of Denjuu/Pokémon

Here is a partial list of the Denjuu and Pokémon that appear in Telefang NES. Note that the Denjuu numbers in this game do not match the ones in the original Telefang.

Number Original Japanese Name Translated English Name NES Bootleg Name Notes
1 オーシェ Oshe Wigglvtuff A misspelling of the Pokémon Wigglytuff.
Appears bronze instead of orange.
2 コキア Kochia Zubat Appears purple instead of gray.
3 ケシ Keshi Golbat Appears vivid green instead of grayish blue.
4 クリプト Crypto Oddisah Misspelling of Oddish.
Has a brown tone to it.
5 モンステラ Monstera Gloom Has a light blue appearance, which is completely different from its normal dark blue-green appearance.
6 ヒオウギ Hiougi Vileplume
7 プニカ Punica Qingqing This doesn't seem to be named after anything.
8 グミ Gumi Parasect Has more of a pink body than a purple one.
9 スグリ Suguri Venonat Instead of beige and blue, he appears dark orange and purple.
10 ガンライコウ Ganraikou Venomoth
11 ビャクブ Byakubu Diglett
12 マンテア Mantea Dugtrio Purple in color.
13 イクソラ Ixora Meowth Instead of a blue/red appearance, it has a lime yellow/orange appearance.
14 ミルツス Myrtus Persin Misspelling of Persian.
Hair is a light aqua instead of blue, and brown is lighter.
15 リクニス Lychnis Psiduck Misspelling of Psyduck.
It is blue instead of bluish green.
16 ラペロイジア Lapeirousia Golduck Instead of a grayish-purple/reddish-purple apperance, it has a blue/brown appearance.
17 ブバリア Bubaria Mankey
18 アンヂオス Angios Primeape
19 リリオペ Liriope Growlithe
20 ワラタ Waratah Shanglin Bootleg name doesn't seem to be named after anything.
Has a strange purple appearance.
21 ソルガム Sorghum Poliwag Is completely gray in appearance (the original had a slight blue tint).
22 ノリウツギ Noriutsugi Poliwhirl The purple has a stronger tint here.
23 パンパス Pampas Poliwrth Misspelling of Poliwrath.
Has a very odd mix of light purple and cyan.
24 ローダンセ Rhodanthe Abra Appears gray instead of blue.
25 リコリス Licorice Ladabra Misspelling of Kadabra.
The green is more of a yellowish green here.
26 ビバーナム Viburnum Alakazam
27 ファンネル Funnel Machop For some reason, this Denjuu does not show up in the Picture Book.
28 ウイキョウ Uikyou Machoke The light green is a deeper green here.
29 オバナ Obana Machamp
30 ファイアーコッコ Firekokko Bellsprout
31 レイゴーテン Raygoten Weepinbell Like Kochia, this has an unusual purple tone to it.
32 ドリアーマ Driarmor Victreebel The normally orange body is pink and the normally dark blue drill is light gray.
33 カメラーン Chamelan Tentacool Like Keshi, this Denjuu is unusually green.
34 シェルステラ Shellsterra Tentacruel
35 ボルタマス Balltamus Geodude Is purple in color, though the original was reddish.
36 ブレニカ Burenica Graveler Appears lighter pink.
37 ゲーロン Geron Golem Like Gumi, this Denjuu has more of a pink body than purple.
38 バーゼリア Berzelia Ponyta
39 ニゲラ Nigella Rapidash Is brown instead of pinkish-orange.
40 ムサ Musa Slowpoke Green is much more vibrant here.
41 ネタロ Netaro Slowbro Has a more bronze appearance.
42 ネジロ Nejiro Magnemite
43 ゴデチア Godetia Magneton
44 クルクマ Curcuma Stone Stone isn't a name of a Pokémon, though it is similar to a Denjuu name (Zudoon).
Its scales are green instead of a faded greenish brown.
45 テッセン Tessen Doduo Its body is aqua instead of blue.
46 ヘリオプシス Heliopsis Dodrio Its body is darker brown.
47 レイガース Raygirth Seel Like Kochia and Raygoten, this Denjuu is purple when it should be gray.
48 アーマル Armaru Dewgong Its body is a dark brown instead of orange, and its jewel and eye are orange (which, strangely, is brighter than his body) instead of green.
49 カメレイド Chameraid Grimer Like Keshi and Chameraid, this Denjuu is green when it should be grayish blue.
50 クリプトライド Cryptoride Muk Its body is pink instead of yellow, and its spines are maroon instead of orange.
51 ワーミテララ Wormyterala Shellder
52 ブルタマス Bulltamus Cloyster Like Balltamus, it is purple in color, instead of a reddish color.
53 プニードル Puneedle Gastly
54 ケロリン Kekorin Zz Like Gumi and Geron, this Denjuu has more of a pink body than purple.
55 スグライ Sugulai Gengar This Denjuu has a tan body with turquoise stripes, instead of a beige body with blue stripes.
56 コートス Cortos Onix
57 ガイウルス Gaiurus Drowzee
58 ミドートル Midootoru Hypno
59 オクトル Octor Krabby Its body is more orange in appearance.
60 ヒトデーイト Hitodeight Kingler Its body is green instead of blue, and its points are pink instead of red.
61 ゴースボア Ghosboar Omastar Appears dark orange and purple, instead of khaki and blue.
62 スコーピル Scorpil Voltoib Misspelling of Voltorb.
63 ワイタ Waitah Electrode Like Waratah, this Denjuu has weird shades of purple instead of bluish gray.
64 ポッツァル Potzal Gradelee This Denjuu has more of a cyan look than a blue one.
65 トゲールカ Togeeruka Cubone Has a strange greenish yellow tone to it (as opposed to plain green).
66 ライガリオン Raigaleon Marowak
67 ガドルクマ Gadorukuma Hitmonlee Much brighter purple in appearance.
68 アルファゴス Arufagosu Hitmonchan
69 キヨールカ Kyooruka Lickitung This Denjuu is unusually aqua when he should be blue.
70 ワルタ Warutah Koffing This Denjuu is unusually aqua when he should be bluish gray.
71 ガンツァトル Guntzatl Weezing
72 ランプゲラ Lampgera Qiangqiang This Denjuu has darker shades of blue than normal.
73 ズドーン Zudoon Rhdon Misspelling of Rhydon.
Appears bluish green instead of green.
74 ビブルナム Gamazumi Chansey This Denjuu is purple when it should be more of a bluish tone.
75 パパウェル Papaver Tangela Lighter portion is much brighter than original.
76 ブバルディー Bouvardi Kangaskhan This Denjuu is more orange than pink.
77 ディプサクス Dipsacus Horsea This Denjuu is blue when it should be beige.
78 オクトライフル Octorifle Seadra
79 ユニアーマ Uniarmor Goldeen
80 クリプトバーン Cryptoburn Seaking Like Crypto, this Denjuu has a brown body when it should have a yellow one.
81 キングピン Kingpin Staryu
82 サイオーペ Saiope Starmie Its darker shade of blue is darker in this game.
83 パンクホロウ Punkhorou Mr. Mime Has a weird mix of bright green and bright purple, as opposed to dark green and dark purple which blended better.
84 ギプソフィ Gypsophi Alpha The beige is a dark orange in this game.
85 バリアーム Barriarm Gynx Misspelling of Jynx.
Its normally blue horns are bright green, and its normally orange body is brown.
86 クリプトナイト Cryptoknight Electabuzz He is purple, instead of having brown spines and a yellow body.
87 ゴーラキング Golaking Magmar He has a darker body in this game.
88 ヤロウ Yarrow Pinsir
89 キモリ Treecko Tauros This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
He is unusually lime green in appearance.
90 ジュプトル Grovyle Magikarp This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
He is unusually turquoise in appearance.
91 ジュカイン Sceptile Fengfeng This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
92 アチャモ Torchic Loverjuan This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
His head is beige for some reason.
93 ワカシャモ Combusken Lapras This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
He is green instead of red-orange.
94 バシャーモ Blaziken Eevee This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
95 ミズゴロウ Mudkip Vaporeon This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
He is purple instead of blue.
96 ヌマクロー Marshtomp Bob This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
He is completely gray in appearance, as opposed to blue which is it should be.
97 ラグラージ Swampert Cat This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
His body is an odd mixture of aqua and purple, instead of shades of blue.
98 ポチエナ Poochyena Porygon This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
His body is made up of shades of purple instead of shades of gray.
99 グラエナ Mightyena Omanyte This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.
100 ジグザグマ Zigzagoon Kabuto This is a Pokémon, not a Denjuu.


  • On the title screen, Crypto is colored bronze, and thus looks similar to the bronze-colored Crypto in Pokémon Diamond's (pirated Telefang Power) intro. In contrast, the official artwork and the original version of Telefang Power show Crypto with brown spines, a yellow body, a red chest spot and green eyes. The similarities between the two bronze-colored depictions suggest that Waixing may have been at least partially involved in translating Power/Speed into Diamond/Jade, or that the company's developers used the GBC bootlegs as the basis for this NES title. These possibilities are strengthened by the fact that both the NES game and the GBC bootlegs attempt to disguise Telefang as an installment in the otherwise unrelated Pokémon franchise.
  • Although the ROM title is "Kou Dai Jing Ling - Fei Cui", which means "Pocket Elves - Jade", the in-game title screen, seen above, reads 寵物 - 翡翠版 Chongwu - Fei Cui Ban, which translates as "Pets - Jade Edition".

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