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Chu Han Zheng Ba: War Between Chu and Han (楚漢爭霸) is a turn-based strategy game created by Waixing in 1997. It is based on "Chu–Han Contention".


楚汉争霸 Chu Han Zheng Ba - The War Between Chu & Han

Screenshot of the game.

Gameplay-wise, it's the same game as Napoleon's War engine, but has chinese style design , as well as audiovisuals. In addition, it's not clear if this game is original or was ported from an already existing PC game. In this map, the player is able to make an overview on his property and manage his army. The battle mode is turn-based. In this mode, the player has to control his divisions and seize the enemy's territories in order to capture the territories. The game allows the player to save anytime by using one of two save slots.

Main scenarios and Sub scenarios[]

This game has three main scenarios and twelfth sub scenarios. When you start game, there can choose three main scenarios. In choose either twelfth sub scenarios, you must be need choose three main scenarios.

1: Chapter of Xiang Yu - 刘邦章[]

  • Fight for throne (逐鹿中原)
  • Advancing secretly by an unknown path (暗渡陈仓)
  • Chu–Han contention (楚汉争霸)
  • Besieged from all sides (四面楚歌)

2: Chapter of Xiang Yu - 项羽章[]

  • The fall of the Qin by pioneer (灭秦先锋)
  • Turn back the powers of darkness (力挽狂澜)
  • Contend for hegemony of Chu–Han (楚汉争雄)
  • To aspire to travel far and make one’s mark (志在四方)

3: Free mode - 自由模式[]

  • 208 B.C. (公元前208年)
  • 206 B.C. (公元前206年)
  • 205 B.C. (公元前205年)
  • 204 B.C. (公元前204年)

This mode can choose either male or female. In choose it, you will become player.

Difficulty Option[]

  • Easy (初级)
  • Medium (中级)
  • Hard (高级)

In this game, there's three difficulty option.




  • Despite being developed in China, The text on this game mixed Simplified and Traditional Chinese, a common trait in Waixing's earlier games.
  • The game's CHR data contains tiles for unused credits.
  • This game include debug mode feature with the game variables and timers included.[1]