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The Chuang Zao Zhe 50

The Chuang Zao Zhe 50 (創造者50, literally as Creators' Invent 50), also known as Dina, is a video game system developed by Bit Corporation in 1986. It was a 2 in 1 clone, allowing the user to play two different systems, but with similar hardware.


The Chuang Zao Zhe 50 is a hybrid console, allowing the user to play Colecovision or SG-1000 games on the unit (through the latter was not widely advertised). It includes two joysticks, two cartridge slots, a numeric keypad (for Colecovision games) built onto the unit and a Pause button (for SG-1000 games). As much like the Colecovision, it has a built-in firmware in Colecovision mode, to avoid unlicensed software to be played. But not equal, it has a built-in game (also from Bit Corporation) called Meteoric Shower. The system has a expansion port, but is a proprietary port, which is not the same found in Colecovision and SG-1000. Their video output is only available in RF, and it will operate in TV Channels 13-14, which could concern interference in analog channels from American countries (more like, USA, Canada and Brazil). However, some regions from those countries already turned off their analog signal, meaning that this is not a problem anymore, and the user can play it on these channels without problems.


Chuang Zao Zhe 50 was also released in USA under the name Telegames Personal Arcade by Telegames, and does not have a license of both Coleco and Sega. It was available only at mail order.