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Co Tung Enterprise (科統實業股份有限公司) was a Taiwanese company that advertised and sold Famicom copies of Japanese and American NES games. They are mostly known for the Chi Chi Toys (奇奇玩具) brand under which they released Mi Hun Che in 1988, their sole original title.


Co Tung generally did not advertises neither the Chi Chi Toys brand nor their names on the cartridges they sold. They did have a cartridge mold that featured the Chi Chi Toys logo they used throughout their activities. The games they released sometimes had the copyright changed to "CTC" (acronym of their full name). Their PCB usually had a code with a CC prefix.


  • Co Tung seems to have been related to Whirlwind Manu in one way or another. Their port of the Famicom Disk System game Miracle of Almana was sold in Korea by Supercom under the LH29 id which matches the LH29 entry of the Whirldwind Manu catalog.[2]. No other releases of LH29 have been found beside this one. The common cover for the Co Tung releases bears no ID at all.
  • A commercial from them shows their available titles with the associated Whirlwind Manu identifying code.
  • Co Tung seemingly left the Famicom market in the early 90s. It's not known what they were doing by the time they disbanded in 1997.
  • There's a Space Raid Car toy from 1985 that credits a "Chi Chi Toys Co. LTD" company from Taiwan. It's unknown if both are related.