Codemasters' logo circa 1986-1991.
Origin Warwickshire, UK
Years 1986-present
Consoles (unlicensed only): NES; Game Genies for Mega Drive, SNES, Game Boy and Game Gear
Published games by Camerica, BIC/Realtec, Galoob (Game Genie), Codemasters

Codemasters is a British game developer and publisher founded in 1986. The company has developed for most mainstream game consoles and home computers since its foundation, from the ZX Spectrum onwards. They were later known and acclaimed for their racing game franchises, namely F1, GRID and the Colin McRae/DiRT series.

Codemasters is also notable for having produced a number of unlicensed NES games in the early 1990s, several of which would later be officially ported to Sega systems, as well as the Game Genie series of cheat cartridges (which were unlicensed on Nintendo systems but licensed for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis). Their games were released in the US by Camerica, in Europe by Codemasters themselves, and in 60-pin format in various regions by BIC/Realtec, who also produced a 60-pin version of the NES Game Genie.

Unlicensed NES Games Edit

Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Baseball Pro's
Bee 52 Famicom Half of the work put into publishing it, they mostly developed it.
Big Nose Freaks Out
Big Nose the Caveman
BMX Simulator
Boomerang Kid
CJ's Elephant Antics
Cosmic Spacehead
F-16 Renegade
Go! Dizzy Go!
Linus Spacehead
Micro Machines
MiG 29 Soviet Fighter
Pro Tennis
Soccer Simulator
Stunt Buggies
Stunt Kids
Super Robin Hood
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
Treasure Island Dizzy
Ultimate Stuntman

Trivia Edit

  • A BIC-XX ID number is also present on most 72-pin Codemasters game PCBs [1] which suggests BIC may have been the manufacturer of all of Codemasters' carts, not just the 60-pin versions.

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