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Coleco Holdings is a company operated by Chicago-based River West Brands. The company is a "successor" to Coleco Industries, Inc., known for creating the ColecoVision game console and the Coleco Tabletop arcade series in the early 1980s. Originally just utilized as a brand name (beginning in 2005), it was reformed into a subsidiary company in 2014.

Coleco Holdings is known to have "licensed" games to plug & play manufacturers such as AtGames. However, the games "licensed" include numerous titles that would presumably belong to other third-parties; most prominently Sega, Konami, Taito, and Exidy. In actuality, Coleco Holdings almost certainly does not own the copyright to these game properties, and appears to falsify evidence to appear more legitmate (e.g. registering trademark rights).


The initial set of Coleco products (under River West's license) were comprised of several generic plug & plays and handheld devices; notably, none of them feature the original ColecoVision games whatsoever. The plug & plays, known as "Coleco Head to Head" systems, were developed by the unknown JungleTac affiliate, and are modeled after handheld LCD sports games from the late 1970s. The handheld consoles are comprised of a set of three 10-in-1 devices; the games on these systems resemble the JungleTac VT09 library, but are custom coded (seemingly lower quality) versions running on unknown hardware. In 2006, the Coleco Sonic was released; a handheld console featuring Sega Master System/Game Gear games, released under AtGames' dubious Sega "sublicense" agreement.

Beginning in the 2010s Coleco-branded game releases began utilizing titles that Coleco presumably holds no actual ownership of. Some examples include Konami's Antarctic Adventure, Taito's Jungle Hunt, Exidy's Pepper II, and Sega's Zaxxon and Space Fury, among numerous others. Similarly to the Ultracade, false trademark rights are filed for many games; some attempted trademarks were for titles still actively utilized by their real copyright holder, such as BurgerTime.

Surprisingly given the circumstances, no known legal action has been held against Coleco (or by extent AtGames) regarding the presumably-bootlegged consoles. However, some companies have been observed as having to swerve around Coleco's false trademark registries; releasing their legally-owned games under generic/alternate names. AtGames employee Bill Loguidice has stated that the company effectively took Coleco at their word regarding licensing, and interpreted the lack of legal action as "evidence" of no wrongdoing.

Coleco Holdings' most infamous project is the ill-fated Coleco Chameleon. While not a bootleg release, the console is commonly dubbed as a complete scam; with the prototype demonstrated at the New York Toy Fair infamously being a reshelled SNES console, passed off as brand-new hardware.

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