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The Color GB 22-in-1 (UC-22W01) is a multicart for the Game Boy Color on a Game Boy cart with a CR2032 battery. Despite the title, there's only 1 Game Boy Color title, and the other 21 are monochrome with 3 of them having color.

List of games[]

  1. Pokémon Crystal (Vietnamese translation)
  2. Pokémon Green (Bootleg English translation)
  3. Super Mario World 7 (Adventure Island 2 hack) > as Super Mario Land in the menu, despite there already being a Super Mario Land)
  4. Super Mario 4 (Crayon Shin Chan 4 hack)
  5. Super Mario Land
  6. Mario & Yoshi / Yoshi (as Mario Yoshi in the menu)
  7. Dr. Mario
  8. Poke Mission 97 (Public Domain game)
  9. Battle City
  10. Asteroids
  11. Bomb Jack
  12. Daedalian Opus (Listed as Deadalian Opus in the menu)
  13. Tesserae (as Tessereaa in the menu)
  14. Cool Ball
  15. Flipull
  16. Spot
  17. Shanghai
  18. Heiankyo Alien
  19. Centipede (as Cen Tip Ede in the menu)
  20. Othello
  21. Q Billion
  22. Pipe Dream



  • Pokémon Green does have graphic and sound glitches when the battery has ran out. This fact can be seen in the video.