Colorful Dragon
Colorful Dragon's title screen.
Publisher Sachen, Bunch Games
Developer Sachen
Cart ID(s) SA-005
Console Famicom
Date 1989
Alternate names/hacks Tagin' Dragon
Colorful Dragon (Chinese - 變色龍) is an unlicensed game made by Sachen in 1989 and published by Bunch Games as Tagin' Dragon the following year.

Overview Edit


Gameplay of Colorful Dragon.

You play as a dragon and must kill all opposing dragons by eating their tails. The game has both co-operative and versus 2 player modes. There are 20 levels in total, with the credits appearing after completing all of them.

Credits Edit

  • Composer, Programmer, Director: Rolland Cheng
  • Graphics: Wun Zu-Tsie, Hau Yu-Tsao , Min Fa-Tyei, Chieh Che-Chao

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Trivia Edit

  • The title screen music is somewhat similar to Super Mario World's ending theme. It's because Hummer Cheng (credited as Rolland Cheng in this game) actually worked on both.