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Computer & Entertainment Inc (全崴資訊) or simply C&E is a Taiwanese company formerly involved in the development of games for the PC and various game consoles. C&E has since left the games industry and was last known to be involved in the development of DVD player technologies.

Several members of C&E are known to have subsequently worked for Hummer Team, including the programmer Silvers Lin and graphic artist Kathy Chen.


NES / Famicom[]

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Decathlon 1992 A sport title featuring 10 olympic disciplines. G-3010
Feng Shen Bang
1995 Chinese RPG based on a historical book G-0151
Magic Bubble
1991 aka Soap Panic, Bubble Bath Babes, & Mermaids of Atlantis Puzzle game inspired by both Tetris and Columns. A-1071
Sheng Huo Lie Zhuan
1991 The first commercial Chinese RPG ever made. A-1061
Ultimate League Soccer 1991 aka AV Soccer & Futebol
Soccer clone, featuring nudity in the Japanese release. Not released by C&E themselves.
Zhan Guo Si Chuan Sheng
1990 aka Tiles of Fate & Idol Shisen Mahjong
Reconquer the great empire of Chin by clearing 21 puzzles. A game based on Shisen-sho, a mahjong solitaire game

Unknown / Unreleased[]

Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
American Crisis Famicom 1991 Never released, a prototype exists.
Bai-Bai Dino Unknown origin, found in a generically labelled C&E cart. Cannot be controlled with a standard Famicom, so may be a demo or intended to be used with some unknown piece of hardware.
Poker Advertised on the back sticker of Magic Bubble.
Rolltris Advertised in the background of Decathlon along with some released C&E games.

Sega Mega Drive[]

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
A Q Lian Huan Pao
Beggar Prince Similarly to Zhanguo Sichuan Sheng, this was originally released in 1996 by the same publisher as several Gamtec games, unlike all other C&E Mega Drive games which were self-published in their own custom cart design. Released in English in 2006 by Super Fighter Team.
Devilish Mahjong Tower
Magic Bubble
Taiwan Tycoon
World Pro Baseball 94


Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Super Fighter


Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Simulation Zoo
  • PlayStation
  • Sega Saturn
Published by SoftBank in Japan. C&E's only licensed title for a Japanese console.
Super China Baseball League Super A'Can



  • C&E also appears to have been involved in the manufacture or distribution of copiers, as it was sued in 1996 by Nintendo of America for marketing these devices.[1]
  • Strip Fighter II for the PC Engine by Hacker International was based on C&E's Super Fighter code.
  • Bao Tian San Guo for the Mega Drive uses the same sound engine as C&E's titles but appears otherwise unconnected.
  • C&E worked with Philips on unknown CD-i game(s).