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Cony's fighting engine is a fighting engine developed in 1993 by Cony Soft. It is another Street Fighter II engine that is widely used by Cony.


Just like the Kart Fighter Engine, Cony's engine uses B to kick and A to punch. Sometimes you can execute a strong punch or kick by holding forward. Unlike the Kart Fighter engine, Cony's engine always uses a 2P mode as a separate option. (with the exception of the Mortal Kombat games).

The commands for specials aren't the usual SFII commands: you press any direction on the D-Pad and press A and B together (i.e., Forward+A+B). Like Cony's other engines, you can switch graphic settings between NTSC and PAL, however it is not used in all games and sometimes you need to push a button combination on the title screen to access the setup screen.

Games that use the engine[]