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Cony Soft, also known as Yoko Soft, is an unlicensed game publisher & developer that primarily developed and/or published bootleg fighting games. They were around in the early to late 90s, although it is unknown what happened to them afterwards. They are known for their frequent advertising in their games and having many aliases.

In Taiwan, the trademarks for both "Yokosoft" and "Conysoft" are registered to the Hong Kong based "Wonderful Trading Company" (旺達富行公司), so the company's headquarters or its publishing operations were presumably based there. However, its development team was likely located in Taiwan.

Some games by the same developers were released under the names "Hosekn of USA" (possibly a misspelling of Hosenkan) and "Future Media" which may be other publishers or further aliases for Cony Soft.

Development team groups/aliases

These names all appear in various games' credits.

  • Super Soft Team Group
  • Super Cat Team Group
  • Fat Cat Team Group
  • Super Art Soft Team


Published only (as Yoko)

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Master Fighter VI' 1993 Developed by Hummer Team.
Street Fighter II:
The World Warrior
1992 Developed by Hummer Team.

Published & developed

As Cony

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Fatal Fury 2 1993
Street Fighter II Pro 1993 It was hacked into several other variants; most appear to be officially done by Cony while some don't contain the Cony name
World Heroes 2 June 15, 1994 It was later hacked into World Heroes 2 Pro.

As Yoko

Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Mortal Kombat II Famicom 1994 It was later hacked into Mortal Kombat Pro V and Mortal Kombat V Turbo 30.

Published by other companies or under aliases

Future Media