The Coolboy RS-97 is a copy of the Revo k101 Plus. It also goes under the name k101 Pro (to seem like the Revo k101). It is called the Retro Game on Amazon(you can buy one for under 80 dollars. The price changes). It is made by Chinese company Anbernic, who also made the Retro Mini, a similar console resembling a Game Boy. (EDIT) A lesser-known rapper named Souljaboy rebranded this console, naming it the SouljaGame Console. He did the same with the Retro Mini, a Chinese console(that is not a knock-off, surprisingly) called the Fuze, and what I believe is the Coolboy RS-38, but I may be wrong. Fortunately, Nintendo stepped in and forced Souljaboy to cease and desist sometime around New Years Eve 2018.

Hardware Edit

The Coolboy RS-97 looks exactly like the Revo k101 Plus, color and all. The only way to distinguish aesthetically is its lacking Revo logo that the Revo k101 Plus has under the screen. Like the Revo k101, it has a GBA cartridge slot on the bottom, but it doesn't actually play GBA games. It uses a flashcart that only works for the Retro Game. Ironically you can take the flash card out. It charges with a micro USB, but some people say the battery doesn't charge all the way. The d-pad is sometimes unresponsive and the buttons have to be pushed harder than usual. The cartridge slot is essentially useless. The screen is bright for a clone console and the sound is alright.

Software Edit

It has the ability to run NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, SNES, Neo Geo, and Game Boy Advance games. (I might have missed some) However, all are basically unplayable, even NES and Game Boy. In all fairness, it's a gamble. Some people are lucky and theirs runs some consoles well, but reports confirm the opposite. It's smaller cousin, the Retro Mini has built-in games and a slot for a micro SD card. (unrelated, but the shoulder buttons for the Retro Mini is very bad) It can crash randomly, showing a random background. When it does this, the reset button doesn't work, so you are forced to open the battery case and remove and put back the battery. This will get VERY annoying. If you have experience with flashing SD cards, or have made a retro pi kit, you can try to download OpenDingux into the Retro Game. This new software makes the Retro Game an extremely good console. Since it lacks only in software, the Retro Game had amazing potential. OpenDingux is the only reason you should consider buying this console. If you haven't used SD cards for emulation before, I don't recommend buying this at all.